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Our mission

Completely eliminate humans from software development.


It's environment for GPT-4 to build complete software systems, websites and mobile apps, not just small code snippets.

Prompt sets and execution workflows will guide GPT-4 through the entire software development lifecycle, including:

  • Design and requirements analysis
  • Coding the system
  • Testing and debugging
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Feedback loops, multi-step, many-attempt, context based, self-reflection conversation and automatic correction systems to enable GPT-4 improve its own work over time based on feedback.

The goal is for GPT-4 to be able to develop and maintain complex software systems with limited or no human involvement. It could significantly accelerate software development and allow humans to focus on more creative and strategic work.

We will keep the community updated on our progress and hope to share examples of systems developed by GPT-4 in the coming months. Please share any feedback or suggestions you may have. We aim to build GPT-4's capabilities with the help of the community.

Join us on this journey. We would greatly appreciate any assistance in discussing ideas, making attempts, writing code, or providing financial support.

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Core idea

LLM talks to itself. Asks itself questions about the task. What do we know? What do we need to find? What similar cases do we know? Which project files should be included to get closer to a solution? Write the specification that needs to be implemented for the task. Write invariants, extreme values and test scenarios. Check yourself to see if everything is written correctly. Write 3 options for implementing the first part of the specification. What can be improved? Etc.

These prompts must be arranged in complete sequences. Tasks must be chewed down to the elementary and then completed. Only the necessary sections should be selected from the code.

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated professional developers who have spent the majority of our lives building high-quality, intricate web and mobile applications.

We are dedicated to acting honestly and openly and avoid marketing bullshit and hype.

Our priorities include enhancing the quality of life, fostering strong relationships, and maintaining exceptional code quality. We are deeply enthusiastic about the role of AI in shaping the future and are committed to contributing our efforts to fill in the gaps as quickly as possible.

Presently, the capabilities of GPT-4 are nothing short of astounding, and we are eager to integrate it into our programming endeavors, imparting our extensive knowledge and expertise in the process.

If by chance our envisioned project already exists or you know of similar resources, please don't hesitate to share that information with us. Your guidance could save us valuable time and help us focus our efforts more effectively.

Join us

Even if you just show interest in our work and observe, this is already a help! It is important for us to know that we are not alone.

If you can get involved, share ideas, do something of value, welcome, we'd love it!

If you can code, pull requests, find and share how to write quality code with GPT4 and other AIs, great!

We build this project in spare time aside of our current primary contract. If you want to support us or just buy us a coffee we would really appreciate it. If at some point we'll get support enough to cover our monthly bills we'll switch to this product for a full time.